Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The modification of the costumer protection law.

The law on protection of costumer rights was initially adopted in 1993, than modified in 2003. The latest modification took place on the 8th of December 2007.
This modification was stimulated by certain reasons and possible situations, but in my opinion it is not relevant for Moldova. In many countries, where the protection of costumer rights has an old tradition, the Government has to front the problem of the abuse of good faith principle, from the side of costumers. For example in United States, they had to do something with the situation when a person was buying a certain product, uses it for a while and than returns it back to the shop, because it didn't fit his purpose. For example, you buy a dress for a wedding, which costs a lot of money, but you know that you are going to wear it only once, after the wedding you can return it back and motivate it that you have changed your mind. This is what a lot of people were doing for some years, and the shops didn't have any mechanisms which could protect them from that. The law offers a priority to the costumer, the 14 days, in which you can return the product with almost no motivation.
But in Moldova it is different. People are not really used to bring things back, and if they do that, the companies don't really execute their duties. From a 100 of cases, only 10% probably will be satisfied. I heard a lot of situations when people were buying low quality products, or which were breaking in the first days and they couldn't get any compensations from sellers. It's a pity, but they don't respect the laws in Moldova.
Now the modification of the law I think was added with a lot of abusive clauses. They had introduced a list of products which can't be exchanged for another one, if you don't like it. This list contains almost all kinds of products.
People in Moldova were not abusing their right of 14 days, the principle of good faith. Most of them don't even know about their rights, about the Association for Protecting the Costumer's rights
The entire text of the legal act is here.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Selling public enterprises of Moldova

The minister of economy, Igor Dodon, made today a declaration about some huge, i would say enormous changes in the economy of Republic of Moldova. Starting from the 16th of November, on the local exchange sales are going to be sold the stocks of 83 state enterprises. Starting from 0,01% of stocks and till 100% of stocks. The ministry of economy is planning to sell the stocks in a week. This was probably the weirdest part of the news.

Anyway this decision was taking due to the influence of external experts and analytics, most of European Community. Because the situation with monopolization is really acute in Moldova, they were obliged to make such a reform. There is introduced a new law, which gave the possibility to the Government to sell some enterprises. There is also another law on the state enterprises which cannot be sold, there is a list of 300 enterprises, such as Termocom.

The problem is that why do they have to sell the stocks of all the state enterprises in such a short time? And why did they announce it only some days before the sales? It is not enough time for other investors, especially abroad, to analyze, to get to know the Moldovan market and enterprise itself. Some analytics consider that this was made intentionally in order to allow the local and previously informed investors to buy the enterprises, and create in such a way an unfair competition.

In general this is a healthy decision. Which was suggested by a lot of international bodies. In fact, as usual the procedure, the moldovan way of concluding affairs and organizing things in business and government is a typical one, and characteristic for this region. But I hope it will not ruin this wise initiative this time, but I'm not sure about it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

United States Of Moldova

I went to Otaci these days. We had some things to do there. This trip really shocked me a lot, and I found out many scary things about the Republic of Moldova.

Well, Otaci is a lost town, as most of the location from Moldova. The distance from Chisinau is about 250 km, this means we drove 500 km that day :)). The population of Otaci is about 8 000 people. It is a small town, but very beautiful, located on the bank of the river Nistru. On the other bank of the river is situated the Ukrainian city Mogilev - Podolsk. It is bigger than Otaci, much bigger. It is better developed. The difference can be seen by their custom points. The Otaci custom wasn't repaired for many many years. In the market days, when people circulate from one side to another, the custom works really slow, and it takes a lot of time for the people.

But let's get back to the population. Starting from the beginning of this year, 2 000 of people left from Otaci to another places, even out board, for work. These are the official numbers given by the officials from Otaci. Besides this fact, there is another one thing. Officially the half of the population consists of gypsies. But the deputy mayor says that it may be even more, about 70 %. They are very hard in keeping some order. Even though they are not creating problems, but anyway. Their kids go to school, but only for the 4 first years of studying. The are 8 gypsy clans in Otaci. Each having their own occupation and leaders. Most of their relatives work abroad. In Russia, for example. They sell goods in the markets, steal, sell drugs, traffic people and many more. Maybe some of the have legal activities, but these activities are very not popular among gypsies. But anyway, let's get back to Otaci. Talking to the deputy mayor, I found out that there is one of the clans which is reacher than the rest and more influencing. On the latest mayor elections they were preparing the gypsy candidate - the most important baron. But something changed in their plans and they didn't do it. But the deputy mayor says "if they did, we would definitely loose these elections, the baron just said that it is not the time, and that we, the common people are just not ready for this, but someday ...".
But lets imagine that this really happens. I think it will change many principles and views in general. After the winning of gypsies in Otaci, the gypsies from Soroca will desire the same. And will ask for Gypsy Autonomy. This will already be some ethnic issues which the government of Moldova will be obliged to solve, because it is not just territory, it is a different culture.
There will be the United Transnistria rep., Gagauzian Aut. , Gypsy aut. and RM. United States Of Moldova

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moldova - Bulgaria, and how they treat moldavians

Let me tell a horrible story about how Moldavians are treated at the custom of Bulgaria.
The problem started once with the joining of European Comunnity of Bulgaria and Romania. Everyone knows how hard it is now to get a visa to both countries. Even though, many citizens of Moldova have strong relations with both of these countries, this fact didn't motivate their Governments to create an easier way to enter their countries.
Let me start with Romania. One year ago, they were saying "we are going to join EU, but that doesn't mean that we will forget about the citizens of Moldova, our neighbors. We are planning to create an easier system of visas(comparing to other countries), which will be a free one, and come to Romania whenever he wants." In reality what happens now: people are disabled in getting a visa, because-
1. visas are given only to groups of not less than 5 people.
2. you have to wait a huge, enormous line until you will get in front of the counsel.
3. many people speculate on this thing, and promise to easier this procedure for some remuneration, like at least 50 $.
This problem could have a solution, when the two presidents of both countries had a meeting in spring. They were promising to fix the problem, to open another two counsels in other regions of Moldova, in order to easier the procedure of visa getting. Normally this didn't happen, as usual actually. Yesterday took place an interactive, live show, with Ms President Vladimir Voronin. When he was asked about this fact, he said "i didn't promise to anyone, we said we are going to see what it is about this problem, no one promised to solve anything". This is what a president should say? That he can't do anything, and he didn't promise anything?
Whatever he says.... poor people, the only thing is the poor people that he is lying to...

But let's talk about Bulgaria. Also needs a visa. There are three ways to get to Bulgaria.
- through Romania, this procedure needs a visa for Romania too. which is a very hard way, and not everyone wants to follow it.
- by plain to Bulgaria from Chisinau.
- with a vapor from Odessa, directly to Bulgaria.

Don't know about flying to Bulgaria, but I found out some really curious facts about the "sea way" to Bulgaria. Listen up to me. Some of my acquaintance chose to go this way. They didn't want to have problems with the Romanian embassy. When they got to the Bulgarian port, they were very strictly checked by the custom officers. Very strictly means - awful. Each bag, all the clothes checked. The cell phones - checked. If someone had number of his relatives from from Italy, for example, than that meant for the custom officers he could be a "potential illegal migrant" and they were immediately sending him back home. All the people were checked by a doctor in order in order to find "drugs inside them" (sorry don't know how to describe it). It was a obligatory for all!!! And this doctor didn't have the necessary single usage gloves. She was saying "i'm washing my hands after each person and that is enough". And if anyone says something, he is being sent back to Moldova, with not explanation and no money returnee. The Moldavian agencies also don't give money back.

Isn't such a strict control violating the human rights? Shouldn't they have special permission for medical control? I'm sure they are violating the law there.

There is another aspect. If you have a Romanian visa and go transit through Romania to Bulgaria, than the custom officers don't ask you a thing. Probably this could be motivated by the reason that if the people succeeded i getting both visas, spent more time, more money, than probably this can mean they are better than those that wanted make everything easier. I mixed everything) whatever, I don't know what the motivation is. And their behavior is illegal and stupid. There is something to think about at least for the international organizations, of course if the president doesn't care.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A weekend in Transnistria, pt 1...

It seems like Transnistrian situation is getting worse every day. Normally the reason of it is their own actions.
Probably one of the wrongest thing is their self-invented legislative system, which activates on "their" territory, which at the same time is still the territory of Republic of Moldova. This fact, elementary, is violating the Constitution of RM and I'm really confused by the fact that the heads of the state don't really try to do anything.
Let's try to analyze some of the elements, which are very ridiculously orientated against the population of the Republic of Moldova.
I made a visit last weekend to Transnisria, stayed at some friends and was really shocked. I never stayed there for more than an hour, but this time had to stay longer. The custom officers really discriminate the people with the citizenship of RM, and offer priorities to Ukranians, Russian and those from Transnistria. Citizens from RM have to make a temporary registration at the custom territory, even if they are going transit through Transnistria, which is very stupid. In Moscow, for example, you have to make a registration if you stay more than 3 days. But we don't compare Russia and Transnistria.
The question is "why on Earth, the citizens of RM are imposed to make a registration on the territory of their country?" And you know, their motivation is that this way they want to control us, in order to prevent unsanctioned military actions or any movements. But this is stupid. If Moldova has the plan to attack Transnistria no registration of people will stop that.
This registration is just the act of stupidity of their own, just to show what they can do, even if can do nothing.
Another thing is that people have to pay 6.90 lei per each registration. And once again I wonder why? If you pay for something, you should get an argument. The registration represents a small sheet of paper, very tiny. Than what for do we have to pay? What kind of service is that? Who gets this money and why? Or it's just an ordinary source of income for Transnistria? I guess this is it.

Later will tell more about stuff going there...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ecological catastrophe at Nistru river, Soroca, mda

It is actually not a sudden thing that happened now. This situation was formed more years ago, and no one cares. The thing is that the town Soroca, situated at the north-eastern part of Moldova, is dropping out a lot of wastages and sewerage waste. The smell is awful. I stood in Soroca for two days, and had a walk over those dirty places. The thing is that all the citizens from Moldova drink water from Nistru river. But how can people be sure of the water they drink if it so polluted and the public administration doesn't care, because it happens for many years. There is also a factory situated more northerly, in Otaci, which started to top off waste. This provoked a huge growth of algae. I took some pictures of all of those sceneries.
PS at the latest elections for local public administration won the national-liberal party. i hope they will do something with that disgusting situation.

this is a small river which runs into Nistru, The smell is awful, believe me.

this is the view a little further from the place with stinky river. this is were Nistru is very clean.
I was taken the picture on the Moldavain side, but on the other side is Ukraine. The forest that you see is Ukraine.

This is a small beach were people like to stay.

the water is very very clean. the color is amazing. but this is the place were this beauty ends, and the rest of Moldova is using awfully dirty water.

This dirt is near that beauty and no one cares.

this is another stinky river also runs into Nistru

this is how they are repairing the roads

The Huge Algae

the Ukrainians are washing their tractors in Nistru

Monday, June 18, 2007

Congratulations!!! Chisinau got a new mayor

Dorin Chirtoaca won the second tour of elections for the post of mayor. The second tour took place yesterday, the 17-th of June. And the results of the elections were told after midnight.

here they are:
Dorin Chirtoaca, Liberal Party - 61,17 %
Veaceslav Iordan, Communist Party - 38,83 %

this is an amazing result and it represents a very important change in the public administration of Chisinau. Even though there were many spiculations and anti-propaganda against Dorin Chirtoaca (like saying he is a very radical nationalist) people trusthim more than his oponent. It is believed that it was made the first step for the change of the today political regim. And it will deffinetly influence the parliamentary elections in 2009.

Dorin Chirtoaca is only 28 years old, but he's got the neccessary education and represents the prototype of a modern moldavian politic.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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The insurance assures the payment in the critical situation, due to the monthly payment that the citizens do. All civilized countries have insurances. Most of them are obligatory, such as health insurance, because the government wants to assure that no matter what happens the person will be able to get medical assistance. But Moldova is very bad developed at this section. In my previous post I’ve talked about out medical insurance. We also have car insurance and many more, but the percentage of the people that have access to it is very small. In United States, for example, you can choose from auto, health, Medicaid, life, home, long term care, group health, disability, cancer, final expense, self employed, small business benefits, annuity, and other types of qualified insurance leads. It is widespread. It is important to choose a company which everyone trusts. A company which will pay you money in the needed moment. It often happens that the company says that the conditions for the payment of the insurance are not met. So you should pay a great attention when choosing an insurance company.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


For the last months, the mass-media was filled with all sort of news. It seems like the battle of the candidates for mayor is a very important one, it involves many political parties and interests. And they try to do the best, sometimes even illegal things in order to compromise the other candidates. The following text represents sequences which I found on this topic.

The independent candidates from the Municipal Council of Chisinau, consider that their rights for the performing of the electory campaign are being violated. For exemple there are too little places for publishing the advertisments. Also the procedure of organising meetings with the population is very complicated. You have to waite for a positive answer. The number of candidates is big, so this creates a complicated situation.

Director SRL TVR-Extern Yuri Timofte said that the "public media- Moldova - 1 and Radio-Moldova ignore independent candidates, and don't invite them to the electoral debate."

Another conflict appeared on te 31 of may. INFOTAG says that they have received a shoking news. The Agency received a message by e-mail on the letterhead of a color logo Liberal Party, email-chirtoaca.dorin @ yahoo.com. But later, Dorin Chirtoaca denied this fact, saying that it is a lie.

MoldovaNoastră Alliance (AMN) believes that the authorities are preparing a massive falsification of ballots from the guest that on the day of local elections on June 3 will be located outside the country.
INFOTAG: AMN are informed by the foreign observers that the " communist agents are gethering on the border databases on Moldovan citizens abroad. " "We are warning the observers of dangers of the data through the use of scanned original signature of the Ministry of Information Development for vote fraud and misappropriation of Communists at least 600 thousand votes citizens abroad," notes the treatment of AMN.
600 thousands of votes represent about 25 % of the total number of the votes.

The Coalition-2007 had discovered facts of intervention of priests in the process pre company. Church officials from Causheni and Drasliceni were agitating for certain candidates. "In the village Drasliceni they been campaigning in favour of a candidate from the Party of Communists and against candidates from the Liberal and Democratic parties, and suggested Causeni vote for the current leadership area," said Strutescu.

"The Party of Communists launched in the village Kotyala from Briceni district, a candidate for mayor, but the district did not agree with this candidate, and nominated its own. The first candidate found himself offended and killed himself "said Strutescu.

"Third report on the monitoring of the May 17-27 record increase in the number of news to the PCRM, aired by" Moldova - 1, NIT, radio Moldova and Antena C. There are growing electoral measures and actions by the authorities, "said Negru. He noted that for the previous period, and the statements of the opposition parties were not covered by those television and radio stations, while Vocea Basarabiei, Rro TV and TV 7 provide equal time to opposition groups.

Source - INFOTAG

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The list of the candidates for the post of the Chisinau mayor

Veaceslav Iordan (Partidul Comunist)
Ion Mereuta (Partidul Umanist din Moldova)
Leonid Bujor (Aliantei "Moldova Noastra")
Vladimir Filat (Partidul Democrat)
Dorin Chirtoaca (Partidul Liberal)
Zinovia Zorin (Partidul Conservator)
Alexandru rduneanu (PPCD)
Valentin Crilov (Patria-Rodina-Ravnopravie)
Corneliu Ciurea (Partidul Social-Liberal)
Eduard Musuc (Partidul Social-Democrat)
Vitalia Pavlicenco (PNL)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mayor elections in Chisinau 3 -rd of June 2007

The Mayor elections left a negative character since the last time. There were three attempts of choosing a mayor, but with no luck. The main reason was that people were just ignoring the elections and the presence was less than 30 % in the first tour, and less than 20% in the following two.
I think this can be explained by the fact that people are not feeling confident for their government. There was no person for a candidate which could serve as a strong and sure personality. The candidates just couldn't receive the trust of the citizens.

Here are the results of the elections from the 10-th of July 2005, in Chisinau.

Greceanîi Zinaida Communist Party of RM 50,15%
Dumitru Braghis independent candidate
Chirtoaca Dorin Liveral Party
Susarenco Gheorghe Popular-Christian Party

the total number of participants in the elections was
156617 people from Chisinau, which represents less than 20 % of the population of this city.

This was a total fail for the mayor elections. But anyway there had to be a person who could serve as a mayor, even temporary. The person selected was Vasile Ursu, the representative of the communist party (seems to be logically the fact that he was choosen). He used to be the executive of duties of mayor for almost 2 years. Couple of months ago he was given the duty of the minister of transportation in the Republic of Moldova. His place was taken by Veaceslav Iordan (also the representative of the Communist Party).

Now the candidates for the new elections a getting ready for the new "fight". This will solve the problem, wether the communist will take the lead in the mayor's person, or will try to fight till the next parliamental elections. Will they get the one or the another one...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

How to create an NGO in Moldova!

The Law of the Republic of Moldova on public associations. Nr.837 from 17.05.96

Official monitory of the R. Moldova nr.6/54 from 23.01.1997.

I will start with a definition of a public association (this is the notion given for the NGO’s in the legal acts of the Republic of Moldova). A public association is a voluntary system, independent, self-controlled, made up due to the free manifestation of the will of the associate citizens, basing on their collective interests. The aim of a public association is to serve the social interests, civil rights, economical, social and cultural, which doesn’t have the goal to get economical profit.

Public associations represent community movements, peaceful organizations which protect the human rights, women organizations, veterans’ organizations, for kids, for youth, scientifically, cultural, sportive organizations etc.

An NGO can be started at the will of at least three people. This means that an NGO should have at least 3 members/citizens or more juridical persons. Foreign citizens can fond or can be a member of an NGO on the same basis as the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, but they can’t be chairpersons of public association, or members of control and auditing bodies. Also not less than a half of the members of a foundation council must be citizens of Moldova.

In the article 5 (1) of LPA, associations can be founded in one of the following organizational-legal forms:

Public movement (association of natural and/or legal persons (public associations only) that do not have a fixed membership);

Public organization (membership association of natural and/or legal persons (public associations only), based on a fix membership, founded for the common activity in order to achieve the objectives and goals of the Statute, as well as the protection of their common interests);

Public institution (union of citizens without fixed membership, created to perform certain services, works in the interests of its participants and in order to achieve the Statute goals).

There is also another distinction - the existence of associations and foundations pursuing activities of public benefit and the ones pursuing mutual benefit.

In order to be registered and organization must have the following documents: an application, signed by all members of a managing body together with their place of residence; two copies of statute; two copies of a protocol of a founding convention (conference) or general meeting, which approved a statute of a public association.(A protocol shall contain information on establishing a public association, on approval of its statute, on election of directing and control/auditing bodies); information about founders of a public association: for natural entities - family name, first name, year of birth, place of residence, citizenship (to be attested by their signatures); for a public association - a copy of certificate of state registration of a statute of this association, an extract from a protocol of a meeting of an authorized directing body of a public association with a decision to establish a new public association, and a copy of founding agreement in case of establishing a public institution or a union (association) of public associations; a statement of a citizen, or in case he is dead - a statement of his relatives on an agreement to use a personal name of the citizen in a name of a public association; a decision of a supreme body of a public association on vesting a directing or executive body with right to represent the association in a process of registration; a document, confirming the location of a public association; a bank document, confirming a payment of a registration fee. After the presentation of all of these documents the organization is being registered. They also receive the necessary documentation, certificates which can prove their legality.

From this moment the organization has the right to start its activity on legal basis. A public association can have its productive-economic and other entrepreneur activity exclusively for the realization of objectives and goals specified in its Statute.

An NGO can possess any patrimony (enterprises, institutions, buildings etc.) that it needs for its activity, besides the one which can belong only to the state.

Also there are several conditions that an organization should meet:

  1. organizational and legal form of the association;
  2. name of the association;
  3. legal address of the association and territory, within the limits of which it executes its activity;
  4. goals and objectives of the associations, methods of achieving them; a period, for which the public association is to be established;
  5. terms and procedures of enrolment into membership of the association and leaving it (upon fixed membership);
  6. rights and duties of the public association members (if a fixed membership takes place);
  7. structure of the public association, a procedure of its founding; exact names, structures, competence and terms of powers of governing, executive and control/auditing bodies of the association, their place of location;
  8. procedure of statute approval and making amendments;
  9. sources, procedure of formation and usage of property and other assets; membership fees amount (if a fixed membership takes place); a body, competent to make decisions on procurement, distribution and disposal of property;
  10. procedure and terms of convocations of general meetings, conferences, congresses;
  11. forms of participation of the public association in affairs of society and state;
  12. procedure of formation, status, structure and methods of activity of primary organizations of the public associations;
  13. main parameters of financial report and a way of its publications;
  14. Procedure of reorganization and termination of activity of the public association.

About the taxation - public associations and foundations are not entitled to VAT privileges. There are some exceptions like intergovernmental agreements. Public associations are exempted from custom duties and other taxes concerning the export-import operations which come through intergovernmental agreements of technical assistance (this specifically refers to World Bank, TACIS, and USAID). Still they have to pay taxes. But there some exceptions - Ministry of Finance recognize as being eligible for income tax exemptions only public benefit associations and foundations. But the organization has to meet some conditions: they have to prove that represent a non-commercial organization and also that the property of the organization is not distributed between the members; the entire income from the bylaws activity is spend to pursue bylaw goals; the property or the income shouldn’t be used in the favor of the member or founder; shouldn’t support any political party. Also there is created a special list of the NGO’s which don’t have to pay taxes. They can receive donations and grants for the realization of their purposes.

This is the modality of forming and creating an NGO. It is not an uneasy one but only that way the state can control an organization. Because of the fact that the Republic of Moldova needs a huge number of NGO’s which will help its development, many people are acting with bad faith. Some people try to take advantage of the NGO’s and uses the funds of it in their own purposes, or don’t pay the taxes and escape from the legal responsibility.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Medical Assurance in the Republic of Moldova

The law on Obligatory Medical Assurance for the year 2006 was elaborated in 1998, it was the law nr 1585 – Xlll on 27 February 1998. The Government decided the following:

- it will be applied the unique program of medical assurance starting from the 2006.

- The program will be released according to the limits of the prescribed funds.

- The Company of National Medical Assurance will make contracts with the formations which offer such services and activate according to the existing legislation. And together with the local administrative authorities will make the project popular for the population.

- The minister of health and social protection will supervise the releasing of this program for the 2006 year.

The law was approved by the decision of the Government nr 1360 on December 22-nd 2005.

In general, taking seriously, medical assurance is a great thing, because it helps anytime you need it and normally you don’t have to pay extra money, because you pay your insurance monthly. That represents an easy system, which has to be efficient for both parts.

In most of the countries the systems works great, because it had some kind of basis. Because the people are used to respect their obligations.

But, introducing such a program in Moldova is uneasy. First of all because the funds of it were not enough even for the first year of its activation. That is why the following situation happened in Moldova – people were coming to the hospital, holding the polis in their hands and the doctors couldn’t help them, because their financial recourses were ended. They couldn’t give the necessary medicines to the population, just because of the fact that they didn’t have any. People were going to the Drugstores and buying the medicines themselves. It seems like the money they got from the people for the insurances were not enough for the hospitals and doctors. Also another ugly fact is that people in Moldova are used to pay the doctors themselves. Doesn’t matter what he did but it is used that he should receive a remuneration for his work. And 99% of the people were doing that and after receiving the medical insurance, they were still remunerating the doctors. So, what is the reason of a medical insurance if you still have to pay some extra money (officially of nor officially)? Also many people held the opinion that when a doctors sees that you have an insurance (which means that he won’t receive the money directly), than he treats you like an animal. He just makes everything possible to get rid of you, he doesn’t care because he’s not interested anymore. That is why people still pay them directly.

Once with the appearing of the medical insurance, all the medical services became very expensive. That is why staying without insurance is very uncomfortable.

However there are a lot of misunderstandings with this program, it is a positive factor for the country. There is just a need of some specialist who could elaborate a good, efficient system, basing on other’s countries exemple.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The situation of the Patent holders in Moldova

As it is known that there is a legal project on the patent reform. Actually the government wants to completely modify this whole system.

First of all I will start with a brief history. The patents on the legal activity of enterprises were introduced in 2001. Nobody liked the idea, I mean the common people. Because they had to pay a certain tax and from that time everybody which was selling anything, had to procure this patent, this right to sell goods and pay a tax. The patents had put the small businessmen under a certain control. So generally saying this had a good impact. Anyway the common people will never understand laws, even the good ones.

So after several years, they now elaborates a new project, a new reform, regarding this problem, which consists in the fact that every enterprise will have to register his own firm, to hire several workers and also to have a cash register. This is in a simple explanation. This means that there will be only huge companies or whatever huge stores, and there won’t be people that will be able to sell something by themselves in the markets.

This decision seems to be not a logical one, because in such a poor country, like Moldova is, it would be stupid to invent such stuff, and not to let common people do what they can in order to survive. When they can’t find a well-paid job, then they try to do something by themselves.

Many people are sellers on the central market, which is a huge one, and creates an ugly aspect for the city. But they have nothing to do with that, because they don’t have any other sources of existence.

The government motivates this reform by the fact that it is being hard to control all those small patent holders. Also they are being hiding their profit from the state and pay a smaller tax. But this is because the tax is really huge for such a poor state (over 20 percent, + more). How can somebody develop his activity in such conditions?

They suppose that the situation will be the following – more people will unite in an enterprise and that will make their activity more transparent for the state.

So, this situation created many debates in Chisinau. Also on the 2 of February took place a meeting in front of the local mayoralty. But that didn’t give any effect. The law will be approved anyway.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Starting with my question, what is the best way to protect your house and investment in it? The best mechanism of protection is to insure it. The Home Insurance Quotes are being very popular among people for the last 10 years. I think it is because of the fact that people understand how important is to feel safe and not to fall into bankruptcy.

In the United States often are happening different disasters. That is why people are used to insure their houses. In case of some accident, tornado for example, or fire accident, people get insurance for the Home Insurance Quotes . That is how their protect their property. And in some extreme cases they don’t loose anything, their property is assured. And they are able to buy a new house, due to the insurance company. So the process of insurance is a very important one, especially when it is about your house.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Expovin Moldova – 2007

Tomorrow will start the XVII international specialized exhibition of wine industry “Expovin Moldova 2007” . There will be presented everything that has any connection with winemaking, from grapes till special equipment, materials and high technologies.

The main participants will be the wine producers and the exporters of wine. These are the people that created the “Expovin Moldova” exhibition, in order to settle new relations with their potential clients and partners. Here they can negotiate new contracts and agreements with the importers and distributors of wine and spirits.

There will be all sort of experts from 17 countries – they will consist 77% of the visitors. The organizers consider that there will be also a lot of experts from the Russian Federation. Which will definitely give a positive result. It is well-known, that Russia represented the main market for Moldovan wine exportation and also brought the biggest profit.

In the official list consists of some famous Russian companies ILS Ltd., «Выставочный мост» company.

The negotiations concerning the future of Moldavian wine are not stable yet. It is believed that the exhibition will settle new roads, new sources, and more profit, and the wine problem will be finally solved.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The modification of Custom Code

It was adopted on 20.07.2000, but it was published in the Official Monitory only in 01.01.2007, in a special edition. It was adopted by the Parliament. This code settles the juridical, economical and organizational principles, of the custom activity and is orientated to the protect the sovereignity and the economical security of the Republic of Moldova.
It consists of 15 chapters and 325 articles. The Code was signed by the President of the Parliament, Dumitry Diacov (Nr.1149-XIV. Chisinau, July 20, 2000)

Here is the entire text of this Code http://justice.md/lex/document_rom.php?id=3D7C9FC8:9B2469FC

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Legalization of prostitution in Moldova

The legalization of prostitution is in discussion now. This may reveal a lot of people and places which are doing this, and will put them under control. As it is known Moldova is one of the countries, which server as source for human trafficking. Moldova occupies the third place.

The legalization could solve many problems: the control of infections, the control of profit etc.

Prostitutes are often beaten and there is nobody that can help them. But with the legalization they will be under protection, and their rights will be guaranteed. Also this will bring considerable sum of money for the budget of the Republic of Moldova.

Now there a lot of debates concerning this problem, but it will be solved soon.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Russia will assist Moldova and Transnistria in renewal of political dialogue

Russia will assist Moldova and Transnistria in renewal of political dialogue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on results of a meeting of the MFA-secretary - the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasina with the chapter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Transnistria Valery Litskaem is spoken in the message of department of the information and a press.
The parties have exchanged opinions on a situation in Transnistria, in particular, about political processes, problems of transport maintenance of region and conditions of foreign trade activities of the industrial enterprises.
Besides the results of last consultations of intermediaries from Russia, Ukraine and OSCE, and also observers from the European Union and the USA in negotiating process on Transnistrian settlement which took place on January, 25th in Madrid under the initiative of the operating chairman of OSCE, Minister for Foreign Affairs and cooperation of Spain Miguel Anghel Moratinese have been considered.
" From the Russian party readiness to render Chisinau and Tiraspol assistance in restoration of political dialogue, trust and constructive cooperation between them with the purpose of continuation of joint efforts on development of universal and steady model of political settlement " has been again confirmed, - spoken in the document.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The mayor wants to sell Chisinau to the international investors!

There was elaborated a General Plan of reconstructing the Chisinau City, by several institutes of projecting from Chisinau and by Business Consulting Institute (BCI), also specialists from Romania and Belarus.

The Plan was presented on the 10-th of January, and it will be publicly debated within two months. The citizens will be able to give advice and to express their feelings according to this plan. But I, personally, don’t really understand how they are going to select the people, and in which way they are going to share their thoughts with the governors. It’s impossible, because they don’t have the needed knowledge, such as economists, jurists, and politics and so on. So, this leads me to the idea that it’s just a fake presentation, and the opinions of the common people won’t be taken into consideration. It’s just for the people, to make them think that they count.

Actually I don’t think that they need this reconstructing plan of the capitol of Moldova.

For example one of the points of it is moving the citizens from the center of the city, to its boarders. This is insane. How can they make someone change it’s place, it’s illegal.

The General Plan (ГенПлан), is really huge and has to be read very attentively.

The mayor also mentioned that they should let the investors invest in Chisinau. This phrase became very usual for our public authorities. The investing of international investors, means developing in a way, but it also represents the money which will permanently leave Moldova. Chisinau will become the source of cheap profit for the international huge companies. And the governors, as usual mask it as a benefit.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Visa for Romania!

Since the beginning of the year 2007, Romania has joined the European community. Great for them, but it creates a lot of difficulties for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Besides the fact that now the frontiers of the European Community are as close as it can be we are situated in a certain blockade now. So we should get in, or we will suffer a lot from it. We don’t want to be outside.

But anyway, the direct problem now represents the visas that every person from Moldova, which wants to go to Romania, has to get. This procedure takes a while. At the beginning of the 2006 the Romanians prevented us about the introducing of the visas system. And they sustained that it will be an easy procedure for the citizens of Moldova. Anyway, the Embassy of Romania is crowded by huge lines of people, waiting for their visa. The embassy can’t do all the necessary work in a short time. And not everyone can get visa as quick as needed. The embassy of the Romania asked to be offered the right to open some more offices in order to perform they job. This action is supervised now, but in order to open some more consulates, it takes a couple of years. So I don’t think that the procedure of getting a visa to Romania is an easiest one, it creates a lot of problems, minuses for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.