Thursday, March 22, 2007

The situation of the Patent holders in Moldova

As it is known that there is a legal project on the patent reform. Actually the government wants to completely modify this whole system.

First of all I will start with a brief history. The patents on the legal activity of enterprises were introduced in 2001. Nobody liked the idea, I mean the common people. Because they had to pay a certain tax and from that time everybody which was selling anything, had to procure this patent, this right to sell goods and pay a tax. The patents had put the small businessmen under a certain control. So generally saying this had a good impact. Anyway the common people will never understand laws, even the good ones.

So after several years, they now elaborates a new project, a new reform, regarding this problem, which consists in the fact that every enterprise will have to register his own firm, to hire several workers and also to have a cash register. This is in a simple explanation. This means that there will be only huge companies or whatever huge stores, and there won’t be people that will be able to sell something by themselves in the markets.

This decision seems to be not a logical one, because in such a poor country, like Moldova is, it would be stupid to invent such stuff, and not to let common people do what they can in order to survive. When they can’t find a well-paid job, then they try to do something by themselves.

Many people are sellers on the central market, which is a huge one, and creates an ugly aspect for the city. But they have nothing to do with that, because they don’t have any other sources of existence.

The government motivates this reform by the fact that it is being hard to control all those small patent holders. Also they are being hiding their profit from the state and pay a smaller tax. But this is because the tax is really huge for such a poor state (over 20 percent, + more). How can somebody develop his activity in such conditions?

They suppose that the situation will be the following – more people will unite in an enterprise and that will make their activity more transparent for the state.

So, this situation created many debates in Chisinau. Also on the 2 of February took place a meeting in front of the local mayoralty. But that didn’t give any effect. The law will be approved anyway.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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