Monday, October 06, 2008

Police against the Liberal Party

I have no words to explain my feelings about the police officers in Moldova. Could someone please come and take them out of the country ???? It is impossible to support it anymore.
If you are not a part of the communist party than you are already in trouble.

Anything you want to do will have no result. Even organizing a public action, having all the documents doesn't guarantee you the protection against THE POLICE OFFICERS.

Even being the mayor of Chisinau doesn't change the situation. The police is saying that the mayor gives illegal orders, that he is DISTURBING THE PUBLIC ORDER with his actions :)))) and all he did was the attempt to raise the problem that Russia breaks the sovereignty of Moldova by maintaining its troupes on our territory.

Another interesting thing happened the same day in Balti. There was taking place a peaceful protest action of the liberal party. Couple of young people were standing, and than there came a lot of "young comsomolists" and violently attacked the people from Liberal Party. They were beating them and took all their posters. AND WHAT DID THE POLICE DO THIS TIME??? They just left!

So weren't the comsomolists "disturbing the public order" ?))))) whats wrong with them?? can't they just once make it clear when is it disturbing the public order??>...

But anyway, my opinion is that they should be ashamed of themselves. And one day they will get what they diserve...

Moldova 1 - national television

This channel - Moldova1 is totally under the authority of the Communist Party. They have been always providing news only about the president Voronin, about the prime-minister, about how things are going well.
But they never mention the real facts that Moldova is in such a crap. That about 1/3 of the population left the country. That the prices are getting higher. That there are some serious abuses of human rights every day and nothing changes. People can't start their own business. The taxes are very high and don't stimulate the economical development. blablabla
More than that, when you watch some news on ProTv for example, and than you check the same news on Moldova1 or NIT, and in the first case on ProTV they show the real bad thing about Moldova, and in the other two cases they say that everything is fine, under control, and developing :)) that makes me laugh histerycally!!!

Law on non-discrimination

This weekend, on the 3rd of October, there took place a protest action in front of the Parliament of Moldova. It was organized by some non governmental religious organizations.

Their main protest is for excluding the words "sexual orientation" from the law on non-discrimination, so that they could continue their discrimination.

When you look at those people, you may think they are crazy. Because they act as if they were not so sane, I may say. They are so aggressive and violent. The main arguments that they provide is that this law will impose their children to go to homosexual seminars at school (!!!), this will affect the traditional families and will be a propaganda of homosexuals, and there will be more and more people with a different sexual orientation.

This is so stupid. These people don't even know what is to be a homosexual, if they sustain the things above.

Just one question for all you homophobic people - can you be transformed from a straight person to a homosexual one by propaganda, if you were born straight??? how can that be possible??))) this is so funny. You have to be really DUMB to affirm that.

They also say that there were no homosexuals before - again stupid!)) There were always homosexuals, always!) You just don't know about it.

I feel sorry for this stupid, retarded people, that want to get involved in someones life, and impose you their own visions. Get a life...