Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Expovin Moldova – 2007

Tomorrow will start the XVII international specialized exhibition of wine industry “Expovin Moldova 2007” . There will be presented everything that has any connection with winemaking, from grapes till special equipment, materials and high technologies.

The main participants will be the wine producers and the exporters of wine. These are the people that created the “Expovin Moldova” exhibition, in order to settle new relations with their potential clients and partners. Here they can negotiate new contracts and agreements with the importers and distributors of wine and spirits.

There will be all sort of experts from 17 countries – they will consist 77% of the visitors. The organizers consider that there will be also a lot of experts from the Russian Federation. Which will definitely give a positive result. It is well-known, that Russia represented the main market for Moldovan wine exportation and also brought the biggest profit.

In the official list consists of some famous Russian companies ILS Ltd., «Выставочный мост» company.

The negotiations concerning the future of Moldavian wine are not stable yet. It is believed that the exhibition will settle new roads, new sources, and more profit, and the wine problem will be finally solved.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The modification of Custom Code

It was adopted on 20.07.2000, but it was published in the Official Monitory only in 01.01.2007, in a special edition. It was adopted by the Parliament. This code settles the juridical, economical and organizational principles, of the custom activity and is orientated to the protect the sovereignity and the economical security of the Republic of Moldova.
It consists of 15 chapters and 325 articles. The Code was signed by the President of the Parliament, Dumitry Diacov (Nr.1149-XIV. Chisinau, July 20, 2000)

Here is the entire text of this Code http://justice.md/lex/document_rom.php?id=3D7C9FC8:9B2469FC

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Legalization of prostitution in Moldova

The legalization of prostitution is in discussion now. This may reveal a lot of people and places which are doing this, and will put them under control. As it is known Moldova is one of the countries, which server as source for human trafficking. Moldova occupies the third place.

The legalization could solve many problems: the control of infections, the control of profit etc.

Prostitutes are often beaten and there is nobody that can help them. But with the legalization they will be under protection, and their rights will be guaranteed. Also this will bring considerable sum of money for the budget of the Republic of Moldova.

Now there a lot of debates concerning this problem, but it will be solved soon.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Russia will assist Moldova and Transnistria in renewal of political dialogue

Russia will assist Moldova and Transnistria in renewal of political dialogue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on results of a meeting of the MFA-secretary - the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasina with the chapter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Transnistria Valery Litskaem is spoken in the message of department of the information and a press.
The parties have exchanged opinions on a situation in Transnistria, in particular, about political processes, problems of transport maintenance of region and conditions of foreign trade activities of the industrial enterprises.
Besides the results of last consultations of intermediaries from Russia, Ukraine and OSCE, and also observers from the European Union and the USA in negotiating process on Transnistrian settlement which took place on January, 25th in Madrid under the initiative of the operating chairman of OSCE, Minister for Foreign Affairs and cooperation of Spain Miguel Anghel Moratinese have been considered.
" From the Russian party readiness to render Chisinau and Tiraspol assistance in restoration of political dialogue, trust and constructive cooperation between them with the purpose of continuation of joint efforts on development of universal and steady model of political settlement " has been again confirmed, - spoken in the document.