Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Expovin Moldova – 2007

Tomorrow will start the XVII international specialized exhibition of wine industry “Expovin Moldova 2007” . There will be presented everything that has any connection with winemaking, from grapes till special equipment, materials and high technologies.

The main participants will be the wine producers and the exporters of wine. These are the people that created the “Expovin Moldova” exhibition, in order to settle new relations with their potential clients and partners. Here they can negotiate new contracts and agreements with the importers and distributors of wine and spirits.

There will be all sort of experts from 17 countries – they will consist 77% of the visitors. The organizers consider that there will be also a lot of experts from the Russian Federation. Which will definitely give a positive result. It is well-known, that Russia represented the main market for Moldovan wine exportation and also brought the biggest profit.

In the official list consists of some famous Russian companies ILS Ltd., «Выставочный мост» company.

The negotiations concerning the future of Moldavian wine are not stable yet. It is believed that the exhibition will settle new roads, new sources, and more profit, and the wine problem will be finally solved.


Tot Even said...

Вино ерунда, я возле себя в ликёроводочном нашёл бальзам настоянный на орехах и травах, нукул де аур, 30 лей - 0, 25 бутылочка, так я делаю пол чашки чая и пол чашки наливаю этого бальзама - божественный напиток, хыхыхы. Он кстати 45 градусов, если употреблять в чистом виде - сразу в голову даёт.

Tom said...

I hope the moldovan wine industry can reform to produce high quality products for export to international markets and not just focus on Russia. Look at what Chile has done in recent years.

law-in-moldova said...

it would be great if Moldova could sppread its wine over new countries, BUT we shouldn't forget that Russia is a huge consumer, the most important one for RM. And no other country will ever replace it. But that way we create a situation when Moldova is dependent on Russia, and we get trapped. So it would be better if the wine-makers would start signing new contracts regarding their new friends and relationships with other countries.