Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moldova - Bulgaria, and how they treat moldavians

Let me tell a horrible story about how Moldavians are treated at the custom of Bulgaria.
The problem started once with the joining of European Comunnity of Bulgaria and Romania. Everyone knows how hard it is now to get a visa to both countries. Even though, many citizens of Moldova have strong relations with both of these countries, this fact didn't motivate their Governments to create an easier way to enter their countries.
Let me start with Romania. One year ago, they were saying "we are going to join EU, but that doesn't mean that we will forget about the citizens of Moldova, our neighbors. We are planning to create an easier system of visas(comparing to other countries), which will be a free one, and come to Romania whenever he wants." In reality what happens now: people are disabled in getting a visa, because-
1. visas are given only to groups of not less than 5 people.
2. you have to wait a huge, enormous line until you will get in front of the counsel.
3. many people speculate on this thing, and promise to easier this procedure for some remuneration, like at least 50 $.
This problem could have a solution, when the two presidents of both countries had a meeting in spring. They were promising to fix the problem, to open another two counsels in other regions of Moldova, in order to easier the procedure of visa getting. Normally this didn't happen, as usual actually. Yesterday took place an interactive, live show, with Ms President Vladimir Voronin. When he was asked about this fact, he said "i didn't promise to anyone, we said we are going to see what it is about this problem, no one promised to solve anything". This is what a president should say? That he can't do anything, and he didn't promise anything?
Whatever he says.... poor people, the only thing is the poor people that he is lying to...

But let's talk about Bulgaria. Also needs a visa. There are three ways to get to Bulgaria.
- through Romania, this procedure needs a visa for Romania too. which is a very hard way, and not everyone wants to follow it.
- by plain to Bulgaria from Chisinau.
- with a vapor from Odessa, directly to Bulgaria.

Don't know about flying to Bulgaria, but I found out some really curious facts about the "sea way" to Bulgaria. Listen up to me. Some of my acquaintance chose to go this way. They didn't want to have problems with the Romanian embassy. When they got to the Bulgarian port, they were very strictly checked by the custom officers. Very strictly means - awful. Each bag, all the clothes checked. The cell phones - checked. If someone had number of his relatives from from Italy, for example, than that meant for the custom officers he could be a "potential illegal migrant" and they were immediately sending him back home. All the people were checked by a doctor in order in order to find "drugs inside them" (sorry don't know how to describe it). It was a obligatory for all!!! And this doctor didn't have the necessary single usage gloves. She was saying "i'm washing my hands after each person and that is enough". And if anyone says something, he is being sent back to Moldova, with not explanation and no money returnee. The Moldavian agencies also don't give money back.

Isn't such a strict control violating the human rights? Shouldn't they have special permission for medical control? I'm sure they are violating the law there.

There is another aspect. If you have a Romanian visa and go transit through Romania to Bulgaria, than the custom officers don't ask you a thing. Probably this could be motivated by the reason that if the people succeeded i getting both visas, spent more time, more money, than probably this can mean they are better than those that wanted make everything easier. I mixed everything) whatever, I don't know what the motivation is. And their behavior is illegal and stupid. There is something to think about at least for the international organizations, of course if the president doesn't care.


Iskren86 said...

Hi, I am a bulgarian national and just read that post. I am feeling sorry for the way the customs are treating you. Since I ahve been twice in Moldova and find the people friendly and interesting, I am sure they deserve to be served in respective manner.

Law-in-Moldova said...

Hey, my vacation in Bulgaria was great))