Monday, October 06, 2008

Police against the Liberal Party

I have no words to explain my feelings about the police officers in Moldova. Could someone please come and take them out of the country ???? It is impossible to support it anymore.
If you are not a part of the communist party than you are already in trouble.

Anything you want to do will have no result. Even organizing a public action, having all the documents doesn't guarantee you the protection against THE POLICE OFFICERS.

Even being the mayor of Chisinau doesn't change the situation. The police is saying that the mayor gives illegal orders, that he is DISTURBING THE PUBLIC ORDER with his actions :)))) and all he did was the attempt to raise the problem that Russia breaks the sovereignty of Moldova by maintaining its troupes on our territory.

Another interesting thing happened the same day in Balti. There was taking place a peaceful protest action of the liberal party. Couple of young people were standing, and than there came a lot of "young comsomolists" and violently attacked the people from Liberal Party. They were beating them and took all their posters. AND WHAT DID THE POLICE DO THIS TIME??? They just left!

So weren't the comsomolists "disturbing the public order" ?))))) whats wrong with them?? can't they just once make it clear when is it disturbing the public order??>...

But anyway, my opinion is that they should be ashamed of themselves. And one day they will get what they diserve...

Moldova 1 - national television

This channel - Moldova1 is totally under the authority of the Communist Party. They have been always providing news only about the president Voronin, about the prime-minister, about how things are going well.
But they never mention the real facts that Moldova is in such a crap. That about 1/3 of the population left the country. That the prices are getting higher. That there are some serious abuses of human rights every day and nothing changes. People can't start their own business. The taxes are very high and don't stimulate the economical development. blablabla
More than that, when you watch some news on ProTv for example, and than you check the same news on Moldova1 or NIT, and in the first case on ProTV they show the real bad thing about Moldova, and in the other two cases they say that everything is fine, under control, and developing :)) that makes me laugh histerycally!!!

Law on non-discrimination

This weekend, on the 3rd of October, there took place a protest action in front of the Parliament of Moldova. It was organized by some non governmental religious organizations.

Their main protest is for excluding the words "sexual orientation" from the law on non-discrimination, so that they could continue their discrimination.

When you look at those people, you may think they are crazy. Because they act as if they were not so sane, I may say. They are so aggressive and violent. The main arguments that they provide is that this law will impose their children to go to homosexual seminars at school (!!!), this will affect the traditional families and will be a propaganda of homosexuals, and there will be more and more people with a different sexual orientation.

This is so stupid. These people don't even know what is to be a homosexual, if they sustain the things above.

Just one question for all you homophobic people - can you be transformed from a straight person to a homosexual one by propaganda, if you were born straight??? how can that be possible??))) this is so funny. You have to be really DUMB to affirm that.

They also say that there were no homosexuals before - again stupid!)) There were always homosexuals, always!) You just don't know about it.

I feel sorry for this stupid, retarded people, that want to get involved in someones life, and impose you their own visions. Get a life...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Compensations for Downwinders

Have you ever heard of downwinders? These are the people that had to suffer the negative effects of radiation from some nuclear testings. This cases are always very difficult and so serious, because it is being violated the right to health of people. They suffer from the illegal nuclear testings which take place near the place they live.
People start to have serious health problems which appear in couple of years. Most often its cancer which is lethal on a certain stage if not treated. That is why there is a huge need of attorneys which can correctly protect the rights a legal interests of these downwinders.
One of such attorneys that is specified in this problem is Laura Taylor, she is a downwinder attorney. She is protecting the downwinders in the realization of their legal right, of obtaining compensations.
According to the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program people that had suffered from radiation, deserve this compensation. So Laura Taylor helps her clients to perform the RECA radiation exposure compensation act and get what they deserve.
It is important to have a serious, good informed attorney in such a difficult question which needs knowledge and good reaction of your attorney, because other wise you may not win if your attorney is not smart enough. Laura Taylor had already won a lot of cases for examples. She is presenting the interests of downwinders all around the country.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Teacher's Strike

Teachers from all the parts of Moldova are having a strike for already 4 days. But noone really talked officially to them yet. The action takes place in front of the Government building. but it seems like noone cares.
The minimum salary of a teacher is something about 60-70$. Which is not normal at all. There are just couple of thousands of those poor teachers and they cannot assure them a normal salary???
The government sustains that the money were spend for the people that suffered from the overflowed Nistru this summer. But this is not really true, according to some political parties, they sustain that the money for the people were obtained from legal persons from donations.
So were is the money for the teachers???

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

REFORMS: Recycling

This will be a new compartment in my blog. I am going to write about the reforms that I would do if I was a legislator or something...)
There are so many thing that need to be changed in this society, but nobody actually does anything.
So my first reform is about waste processing. Last year there appeared special grids for plastic bottles. I thought that was very smart to do. People through their bottles there.
Besides that I think there should be created for special cans for glass. When you want to throw something from glass why not in a special can? It can be easily recycled.
We also don't have any factories for recycling tyres, old equipment, used machine oil. There are no things like that and people just throw them away.
It would be great to spend couple of millions of lei and built one, two factories for recycling.
Because remember that thing "the government always has the money, it just doesn't want to spend it on you"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who is to blame for Osetia war? Georgia vs Russia

Who is responsible for the Osetia war? Who should be treated as a criminal and who should be blamed for everything?

My own vision is not what everyone tells on TV. I was watching both Russian News and European.

Russians sustained that Georgia sent their armed forces over civils, and the only solution was to respond to that. As long as Russia keeps its "peaceful forces" on a territory it has the right to do that. Ok, Russia sustains that Georgian forces were just killing common people from the start, and what Russia was "obliged" to do is just stop the intervention and save the people.

Russian news were saying that there were killed over 2000 citizens by the Georgian forces, and the European news were talking only about 200 killed by accident.

In my opinion Saakashvili did one thing wrong, he made the first noticeable step - introduced the forces. But I remember that Russia was provoking it for about two months for sure. Russia was easily sending airplanes through the territory of Georgia with no permission. There were several unpleasant provoking situations. Which was normal to wait for a response from a country which is actively sustained by USA.

I am not saying that Saakashvili did the right thing. I agree that there died a lot of people which is bad and may be considered as genocide. But I don't want to analyze the whole situation from that point of view as Russians do. They try to take your attention from the global aspect of the problem.

Russia always had imperialistic views on everything, every weak country which is nearby. What Russian did for the last 18 years in both Osetia and Transnistria was violating the sovereignty of Georgia and Moldova. As a proof to that is the thing that Russia was always against the replacement of its peace keeping forces, with the peace keeping forcing offered by UN.

The both wars in these regions in early 90's wouldn't simply take place. The tanks would move to the main town, take the parliament, arrest the criminals and that's it. Normally those that would try to opposite to that would be killed. There wouldn't be so many people killed. Russia was never fighting for saving the lives of common people, or for independence of those territories, because that way they would not need Russia's help anymore. Russia always wanted to keep its influence in those territories by maintaining the armed forces.

So the same thing would happen in Osetia too, if Russia would say "ok guys, this is your territory, and we agree with you, just take it, we are leaving". There would be no war. Georgians would simply arrest the separatist government of Osetia and reestablish the sovereignty of their country.

I say Russia is to blame, if judging from the perspective of all those years, of everything they did, of their politic in general. Russia is the one who started the cold war II.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Best time for a vacation for a President?

Everyone knows - Moldova is in a very difficult, I may say critical situation at the moment. Both biggest rivers of Moldova, from both sides, Nistru and Prut are are overflown by water. This situation was created due to Carpatian rains. Ukraine and Romania are also affected by it.
Hundreds of people were evacuated, and a lot of houses were destroyed.
On national television they keep saying "everything is under control". That is just funny. How can it be under control if they cannot stop the water??? One or two dams were broken through. How can it be under control? Thousands of people don't have a place were to sleep. Everything they gathered for their entire life was destroyed. And I am not really sure that they are going to receive serious compensations.
The Government said they are going to receive new apartments depending on how many members of the family they have. Are you kidding me? You don't have enough brain to build a normal dam and protect your own citizens, and now all you can do is offer them a two room apartment???
Zinaida Grecanii - the prime minister - went out couple of times to see the people herself. She was looking really funny, near those poor destroyed people.
By the way the President didn't even do that. Now he went on a vacation in Croatia. To visit his friend the President of Croatia. They are going to spend a week on a luxiurious yacht.
What can I say ... Bravo!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Transnistria and Moldova - united?

There are weird things happening these days. Some people expect changes and the solving of the Transnistrien problem, but the problem is lasting for so long, that it is hard to believe now that everything is going to be fine, and finally Transnistria will belong to Republic of Moldova again.
So, from the moment when the communist party came to ruling of the country, it was in 2001, they didn't really try at least to make things better between the two banks of the river. More than that, those relationships were absolutely destroyed, in that way, that Moldova had put different economical interdictions on Tiraspol, no officials from Moldova were allowed on the territory of Transnistria, there were no discussions between the two parties on the problem, for the whole period. So the relations were getting worse and worse, till the beginning of this 2008 year. When suddenly the communists remind themselves that it is in fact the last year of their "ruling", and the polls actually say that they loose a lot of their positions like from 45% to 20% and it is getting worse and worse. So Vladimir Voronin, the president of Moldova, went to Russian Federation couple of times this year. Some of these meeting were official, some non-official.
Suddenly Vladimir Voronin started talking about this unification, about the magic way he is going to do this in just couple of months, before the elections of the Parliament in 2009 in fact. Couple of weeks ago they met with Smirnov, the president of non-recognized Transnistrien Moldavian Republic. They met and firstly had a short talk in front of the cameras, and than went in another room and talked privately for two hours. I wonder what they talked about all that time? Maybe discussing some secret plan...) I would like to add, that the meeting was like a spontaneos one, other political parties were not even informed about it. How can a president make such important decisions by himself in a parliamentary republic?
Ok, what Transnitria proposed is not just absurd, the document is humiliating Republic of Moldova. Some of the points of it are like recognizing the administrative frontiers, keeping the custom posts, recognizing the history of Transnistria, and the thing that it never was a part of Moldova, having an important part of votes to make decisions by themselves, keep the military forces of the third part(!!!!). This is insane! People! It was proposed for signing, otherwise Voronin is settled free...
Well he commented it like a very important meeting, like "finally, respect for Smirnoff" bla bla bla...
What is interesting in this whole situation is that couple of days I saw a communistic program, with this communistic supporter number one Constantin Starish, he was having a conversation with our president, and he just dropped the words like "i was not going to meet with Smirnoff, in fact, I never had such a desire to see his face, the initiative came from Vladimir Putin, he told us to meet and talk" - hey, how can a president talk like that? I don't understand, he is representing the whole country, the interests of each citizen, who cares over he likes to talk to Smirnoff or not, if they get along or not? He has to solve the problem!!! Wake Up!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Compensation in Moldova and in USA and Personal Injury Lawyer

I was reading about the criminal punishment in common law, and found a nice classification which would probably serve as a good example for legislation of Moldova too. One type of punishment is the compensation which is divided into three types:
Fine – which exists also in Moldova, this is when you have to pay a tax for what you did.
Community service – also in Moldova, 50 conventional units for 1 month imprisonment.
Compensation of damages to the victim – this is not settled in the legislation, in the Criminal Code of Moldova. And is remaining at the desire of the judge to settle a compensation of damages. Usually this compensation is too small, because Moldova is not used to compensations yet.
People when go to court they don’t usually aspire to a compensation, they whish to get some right, something which was violated, and they don’t dream for any compensation of 1 million dollars like in United States of America.
At the same time lawyers from America do their best to obtain this compensation; either it is a car accident injury, or personal injury claim. I know a case when a young man in Moldova was beaten by 5 people, and he stayed in the hospital for a month and obtained a compensation of 300$. What kind of lawyers did he have? A personal injury lawyer should be a professional. He should not let such situations happen.
So the difference between compensation punishment in Moldova and USA is a huge one. Here if a person gets injured he is not sure he will get any moral or physical damage compensation.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I have noticed that Americans had spread he idea of having signs everywhere. This is typical for any type of institution. They like to put signs next to their entrance, in order to let the people know about their place of location. In Moldova this is not popular, probably because the tradition is different.
The same thing is about american people. They like to have signs on their yards. Whether they sell the house or anything else, or just making an advertisement. This can be a yard sign, or a political opinion sign. Can you see the difference between the elections in United States and in Moldova. In United States they have a lot of signs during elections, with different colors. people accept caring a special sign with them during the whole election process.
I guess people in Moldova don't have such a habbit of expressing their thoughts by such signs, like yard signs, elections signs, political signs
But maybe that could be a good idea when you have to promote something, some idea. And i wonder why the political deputies don't use this good way of promoting their campaigns, because that is a good way of attracting the people.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mortgage in Moldova (credit ipotecar)

Mortgage would be a credit guaranteed by some immovable property, but which stays in the possession of the debtor. The mortgage credit can be offered by banks, financial institutions and other creditors.

Due to the development of the market economy in the Republic of Moldova, the system if mortgage credits appeared and started its development.
The creditors, governmental functionaries, building companies and banks are very optimistic about the future of mortgages in Moldova. At the end of the year 2006, 13% of the total credits offered were for mortgage, but in 2005 it was only 3-4%, which shows a great development. A lot of companies had made some researches and came to the conclusion that 60% of potential buyers of property need a mortgage.
In the Republic of Moldova the mortgage is usually taken for 10 years, sometimes 15, the interest rate is between 12-16 %. Which comparing to the market in United States of America, were the interest rate is from 4-7%, I may say that Moldova has to work a lot to allow such low rates. That is why there is a small number of people which can allow themselves to take a mortgage in Moldova. Nowadays the people are not well informed about their rights and obligations regarding their property, and especially about the mortgage possibility and its risks.
It is considered that the development of the mortgage system was possible due to the lack of concrete normative acts which could regulate it not only in general but also individual situations. But the Government had made some efforts and adopted some norms which could help this situation, such as: the registration of immovable goods, the execution of mortgage rights mortgaging of immovable property basing on accordance of some guarantees. (there are also some other legal acts such as Legea cu privire la gaj, Legea cadastrului bunurilor imobile, Codul civil, Codul de procedură civilă, Codul de executare)

When a person wants to buy an apartment in a building which is not ready yet, in order to pay less, he has to pay a certain sum of money or even the entire sum. Not many people can afford that, so they prefer to take a mortgage. But mortgage is being offered only for an apartment registered in the cadastral register, which is not possible for an unfinished apartment. The builder is at the same time asking for a “acceptance to invest” from the customer and he invests the money in the future apartment. Because of poor legislation, not long ago the initial investors, building companies, had the possibility to sell the apartments to several people, through this “acceptance to invest”, because it is not registered yet in state cadastral register.
The mortgage in Moldova, represents a problem at the moment, because it is not well regulated by the legislation. And there should be adopted more laws which could help this situation. The government should have the possibility to keep under control or at least be informed about the real situation on the market, about the companies and banks the offer mortgage programs, and exempt the costumers from potential frauds. Nowadays a small percent of people know about mortgage possibility, and it is not very popular among people, because it is something new for Moldova and also because of high interest rates.
But the main problem is that the salaries in Moldova are really small, and officially less than couple percent of total population can afford mortgage. But in USA almost every working person can afford taking a mortgage.
So in Moldova it is almost impossible to pay a mortgage for common people.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moldova vs. European Court for Human Rights

These days our shame was made on public - Moldova is no more at the 2nd place at ECHR (after Russian Federation). Now she is nr 1. Congratulations!!! I guess Mr President for sure thinks they are not right and don't judge us obviously, but who cares...
The latest case won is Balan vs Moldova. This man won 5 000 euros for moral and material damages and 2 000 more for expenses. The case was about his photo of the Soroca castle. The moldavian authorities used this picture on the local id cards (buletin). And when he asked a recompense for that or at least concluding a contract with him, they refused, considering that they are entitled to use anything they want. This guy went to the court of human rights and he won.
This is not just and abuse from the public authorities, this is a national shame, they were using his picture on thousands of id cards, and didn't even ask him. And it is strange that no other court in Moldova recognized his rights.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

College poll

Democrats - sponsored post

As the situation with the Presidential elections is getting more tensioned each day, both sides are trying to find new mechanisms and methods of obtaining more votes. These days I found a website which was exactly about that. It is about different democratic candidates, such as Promote Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama. Americans have this really powerful tradition to support their candidate till the end. They believe and trust him, and do their best to promote their favorites. On that website, about Promote Hillary Clinton, they offer different useful stuff for their supporters, such things like t-shirts with the pictures of democrats, pens, vote cards, sticky notes, and address labels. Logically all these items contain the emblem of the Democratic Party. The people which support the democrats can by these stuff and use it for promoting their party. This is such a culture to have all this stuff, as it represents a way of expressing your opinion, your political views. This is a way to be free, to fight for your beliefs. That is how you decide the future of your own country and your family. This is how you can stand for your rights, your opinion, protect your ideas and values. In Moldova we don’t really have much of that stuff, and it’s a pity that the political spirit is not so healthy and strong as it is in the United States.

Promote Hillary Clinton

Friday, January 18, 2008

History in the News - sponsored post

As history was my favorite class at high school, it became very useful for me nowadays. Knowing history offers a person huge chances of understanding many things in his daily life, not only things about himself, but understanding processes that happen all around the world.

Many events that happen today, that we see on television, are something very familiar. For example some political reforms, or changes in some government, this is what was happening for a long time. HISTORY IN THE NEWS is everywhere. Just try to pay attention and see how a company is developing for example, being a small one from the beginning it starts to use some principles and methods which other companies used in past. This is how history helps a small company to develop. Or when you are watching “the primaries” in the news, you see how democrats fight the republicans. And you understand that this is a historical battle which lasts for a long period of time. This is HISTORY IN THE NEWS. As more you find out about such stuff, as the more intelligent you become. Knowing history is really helpful. All the political and economical processes are basing on some theoretical data which you can learn only from history.