Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A weekend in Transnistria, pt 1...

It seems like Transnistrian situation is getting worse every day. Normally the reason of it is their own actions.
Probably one of the wrongest thing is their self-invented legislative system, which activates on "their" territory, which at the same time is still the territory of Republic of Moldova. This fact, elementary, is violating the Constitution of RM and I'm really confused by the fact that the heads of the state don't really try to do anything.
Let's try to analyze some of the elements, which are very ridiculously orientated against the population of the Republic of Moldova.
I made a visit last weekend to Transnisria, stayed at some friends and was really shocked. I never stayed there for more than an hour, but this time had to stay longer. The custom officers really discriminate the people with the citizenship of RM, and offer priorities to Ukranians, Russian and those from Transnistria. Citizens from RM have to make a temporary registration at the custom territory, even if they are going transit through Transnistria, which is very stupid. In Moscow, for example, you have to make a registration if you stay more than 3 days. But we don't compare Russia and Transnistria.
The question is "why on Earth, the citizens of RM are imposed to make a registration on the territory of their country?" And you know, their motivation is that this way they want to control us, in order to prevent unsanctioned military actions or any movements. But this is stupid. If Moldova has the plan to attack Transnistria no registration of people will stop that.
This registration is just the act of stupidity of their own, just to show what they can do, even if can do nothing.
Another thing is that people have to pay 6.90 lei per each registration. And once again I wonder why? If you pay for something, you should get an argument. The registration represents a small sheet of paper, very tiny. Than what for do we have to pay? What kind of service is that? Who gets this money and why? Or it's just an ordinary source of income for Transnistria? I guess this is it.

Later will tell more about stuff going there...


Ica said...

Din curiozitate, de ce scrii in engleza?

trainspotter said...

For those who had no chance to see yet, there is a new book out on Transnistria, it’s a pictorial book with lots of images, transcripts of transnistrian news-radio-casts and personal testimonials by transnistrian people. see http://www.fischka.com/e_index.html