Monday, April 06, 2009

Parliamentary Elections in Moldova - possible fraud

On the 5th of April 2009, there took place the Parliamentary Elections. Everyone was waiting for this and hoping that it will bring a change, that it will be the last day of Communist Party in Republic of Moldova. Everyone knows the unlawful things they do and that they just don't care about the country and the people.

But still there is a big percent of badly informed people that as a result voted for communists. And what we have know is that the Communist Party has obtained 49,95% of the votes.
There are other 3 Liberal Parties that also will be the part of the parliament.
Partidul Liberal - 12.79%
Partidul Liberal Democrat- 12.26%
Alianta Moldova Noastra - 9.81%

So a big part of the population, especially the civil society from Chisinau is very disappointed. This is definitely something unexpected and they want to do something. It is hard to say now what exactly, but it can be the non- recognition of the Elections for example. It's a pity that the international arena said the elections in Moldova were very fair and legal, so there is no reason for raising any problems for them.

This was a protest organized by young people from Moldova. The information was spread on Curaj.net, Unimedia.md, Facebook and other websites. There were also members of the opposition who participated in this protest, such like Vlad Filat, Dorin Chirtoaca, Leonid Bujor, Stefan Uritu. These are those that I saw personally, there were also a lot of other members of the different parties and its great that they came out in the streets with us.

Communists didn't say a word about this)) They didn't even show it in the news)

vlad filat