Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The mayor wants to sell Chisinau to the international investors!

There was elaborated a General Plan of reconstructing the Chisinau City, by several institutes of projecting from Chisinau and by Business Consulting Institute (BCI), also specialists from Romania and Belarus.

The Plan was presented on the 10-th of January, and it will be publicly debated within two months. The citizens will be able to give advice and to express their feelings according to this plan. But I, personally, don’t really understand how they are going to select the people, and in which way they are going to share their thoughts with the governors. It’s impossible, because they don’t have the needed knowledge, such as economists, jurists, and politics and so on. So, this leads me to the idea that it’s just a fake presentation, and the opinions of the common people won’t be taken into consideration. It’s just for the people, to make them think that they count.

Actually I don’t think that they need this reconstructing plan of the capitol of Moldova.

For example one of the points of it is moving the citizens from the center of the city, to its boarders. This is insane. How can they make someone change it’s place, it’s illegal.

The General Plan (ГенПлан), is really huge and has to be read very attentively.

The mayor also mentioned that they should let the investors invest in Chisinau. This phrase became very usual for our public authorities. The investing of international investors, means developing in a way, but it also represents the money which will permanently leave Moldova. Chisinau will become the source of cheap profit for the international huge companies. And the governors, as usual mask it as a benefit.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Visa for Romania!

Since the beginning of the year 2007, Romania has joined the European community. Great for them, but it creates a lot of difficulties for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Besides the fact that now the frontiers of the European Community are as close as it can be we are situated in a certain blockade now. So we should get in, or we will suffer a lot from it. We don’t want to be outside.

But anyway, the direct problem now represents the visas that every person from Moldova, which wants to go to Romania, has to get. This procedure takes a while. At the beginning of the 2006 the Romanians prevented us about the introducing of the visas system. And they sustained that it will be an easy procedure for the citizens of Moldova. Anyway, the Embassy of Romania is crowded by huge lines of people, waiting for their visa. The embassy can’t do all the necessary work in a short time. And not everyone can get visa as quick as needed. The embassy of the Romania asked to be offered the right to open some more offices in order to perform they job. This action is supervised now, but in order to open some more consulates, it takes a couple of years. So I don’t think that the procedure of getting a visa to Romania is an easiest one, it creates a lot of problems, minuses for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.