Monday, April 28, 2008

Transnistria and Moldova - united?

There are weird things happening these days. Some people expect changes and the solving of the Transnistrien problem, but the problem is lasting for so long, that it is hard to believe now that everything is going to be fine, and finally Transnistria will belong to Republic of Moldova again.
So, from the moment when the communist party came to ruling of the country, it was in 2001, they didn't really try at least to make things better between the two banks of the river. More than that, those relationships were absolutely destroyed, in that way, that Moldova had put different economical interdictions on Tiraspol, no officials from Moldova were allowed on the territory of Transnistria, there were no discussions between the two parties on the problem, for the whole period. So the relations were getting worse and worse, till the beginning of this 2008 year. When suddenly the communists remind themselves that it is in fact the last year of their "ruling", and the polls actually say that they loose a lot of their positions like from 45% to 20% and it is getting worse and worse. So Vladimir Voronin, the president of Moldova, went to Russian Federation couple of times this year. Some of these meeting were official, some non-official.
Suddenly Vladimir Voronin started talking about this unification, about the magic way he is going to do this in just couple of months, before the elections of the Parliament in 2009 in fact. Couple of weeks ago they met with Smirnov, the president of non-recognized Transnistrien Moldavian Republic. They met and firstly had a short talk in front of the cameras, and than went in another room and talked privately for two hours. I wonder what they talked about all that time? Maybe discussing some secret plan...) I would like to add, that the meeting was like a spontaneos one, other political parties were not even informed about it. How can a president make such important decisions by himself in a parliamentary republic?
Ok, what Transnitria proposed is not just absurd, the document is humiliating Republic of Moldova. Some of the points of it are like recognizing the administrative frontiers, keeping the custom posts, recognizing the history of Transnistria, and the thing that it never was a part of Moldova, having an important part of votes to make decisions by themselves, keep the military forces of the third part(!!!!). This is insane! People! It was proposed for signing, otherwise Voronin is settled free...
Well he commented it like a very important meeting, like "finally, respect for Smirnoff" bla bla bla...
What is interesting in this whole situation is that couple of days I saw a communistic program, with this communistic supporter number one Constantin Starish, he was having a conversation with our president, and he just dropped the words like "i was not going to meet with Smirnoff, in fact, I never had such a desire to see his face, the initiative came from Vladimir Putin, he told us to meet and talk" - hey, how can a president talk like that? I don't understand, he is representing the whole country, the interests of each citizen, who cares over he likes to talk to Smirnoff or not, if they get along or not? He has to solve the problem!!! Wake Up!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Compensation in Moldova and in USA and Personal Injury Lawyer

I was reading about the criminal punishment in common law, and found a nice classification which would probably serve as a good example for legislation of Moldova too. One type of punishment is the compensation which is divided into three types:
Fine – which exists also in Moldova, this is when you have to pay a tax for what you did.
Community service – also in Moldova, 50 conventional units for 1 month imprisonment.
Compensation of damages to the victim – this is not settled in the legislation, in the Criminal Code of Moldova. And is remaining at the desire of the judge to settle a compensation of damages. Usually this compensation is too small, because Moldova is not used to compensations yet.
People when go to court they don’t usually aspire to a compensation, they whish to get some right, something which was violated, and they don’t dream for any compensation of 1 million dollars like in United States of America.
At the same time lawyers from America do their best to obtain this compensation; either it is a car accident injury, or personal injury claim. I know a case when a young man in Moldova was beaten by 5 people, and he stayed in the hospital for a month and obtained a compensation of 300$. What kind of lawyers did he have? A personal injury lawyer should be a professional. He should not let such situations happen.
So the difference between compensation punishment in Moldova and USA is a huge one. Here if a person gets injured he is not sure he will get any moral or physical damage compensation.