Thursday, May 31, 2007


For the last months, the mass-media was filled with all sort of news. It seems like the battle of the candidates for mayor is a very important one, it involves many political parties and interests. And they try to do the best, sometimes even illegal things in order to compromise the other candidates. The following text represents sequences which I found on this topic.

The independent candidates from the Municipal Council of Chisinau, consider that their rights for the performing of the electory campaign are being violated. For exemple there are too little places for publishing the advertisments. Also the procedure of organising meetings with the population is very complicated. You have to waite for a positive answer. The number of candidates is big, so this creates a complicated situation.

Director SRL TVR-Extern Yuri Timofte said that the "public media- Moldova - 1 and Radio-Moldova ignore independent candidates, and don't invite them to the electoral debate."

Another conflict appeared on te 31 of may. INFOTAG says that they have received a shoking news. The Agency received a message by e-mail on the letterhead of a color logo Liberal Party, email-chirtoaca.dorin @ yahoo.com. But later, Dorin Chirtoaca denied this fact, saying that it is a lie.

MoldovaNoastră Alliance (AMN) believes that the authorities are preparing a massive falsification of ballots from the guest that on the day of local elections on June 3 will be located outside the country.
INFOTAG: AMN are informed by the foreign observers that the " communist agents are gethering on the border databases on Moldovan citizens abroad. " "We are warning the observers of dangers of the data through the use of scanned original signature of the Ministry of Information Development for vote fraud and misappropriation of Communists at least 600 thousand votes citizens abroad," notes the treatment of AMN.
600 thousands of votes represent about 25 % of the total number of the votes.

The Coalition-2007 had discovered facts of intervention of priests in the process pre company. Church officials from Causheni and Drasliceni were agitating for certain candidates. "In the village Drasliceni they been campaigning in favour of a candidate from the Party of Communists and against candidates from the Liberal and Democratic parties, and suggested Causeni vote for the current leadership area," said Strutescu.

"The Party of Communists launched in the village Kotyala from Briceni district, a candidate for mayor, but the district did not agree with this candidate, and nominated its own. The first candidate found himself offended and killed himself "said Strutescu.

"Third report on the monitoring of the May 17-27 record increase in the number of news to the PCRM, aired by" Moldova - 1, NIT, radio Moldova and Antena C. There are growing electoral measures and actions by the authorities, "said Negru. He noted that for the previous period, and the statements of the opposition parties were not covered by those television and radio stations, while Vocea Basarabiei, Rro TV and TV 7 provide equal time to opposition groups.

Source - INFOTAG

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The list of the candidates for the post of the Chisinau mayor

Veaceslav Iordan (Partidul Comunist)
Ion Mereuta (Partidul Umanist din Moldova)
Leonid Bujor (Aliantei "Moldova Noastra")
Vladimir Filat (Partidul Democrat)
Dorin Chirtoaca (Partidul Liberal)
Zinovia Zorin (Partidul Conservator)
Alexandru rduneanu (PPCD)
Valentin Crilov (Patria-Rodina-Ravnopravie)
Corneliu Ciurea (Partidul Social-Liberal)
Eduard Musuc (Partidul Social-Democrat)
Vitalia Pavlicenco (PNL)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mayor elections in Chisinau 3 -rd of June 2007

The Mayor elections left a negative character since the last time. There were three attempts of choosing a mayor, but with no luck. The main reason was that people were just ignoring the elections and the presence was less than 30 % in the first tour, and less than 20% in the following two.
I think this can be explained by the fact that people are not feeling confident for their government. There was no person for a candidate which could serve as a strong and sure personality. The candidates just couldn't receive the trust of the citizens.

Here are the results of the elections from the 10-th of July 2005, in Chisinau.

Greceanîi Zinaida Communist Party of RM 50,15%
Dumitru Braghis independent candidate
Chirtoaca Dorin Liveral Party
Susarenco Gheorghe Popular-Christian Party

the total number of participants in the elections was
156617 people from Chisinau, which represents less than 20 % of the population of this city.

This was a total fail for the mayor elections. But anyway there had to be a person who could serve as a mayor, even temporary. The person selected was Vasile Ursu, the representative of the communist party (seems to be logically the fact that he was choosen). He used to be the executive of duties of mayor for almost 2 years. Couple of months ago he was given the duty of the minister of transportation in the Republic of Moldova. His place was taken by Veaceslav Iordan (also the representative of the Communist Party).

Now the candidates for the new elections a getting ready for the new "fight". This will solve the problem, wether the communist will take the lead in the mayor's person, or will try to fight till the next parliamental elections. Will they get the one or the another one...