Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who is to blame for Osetia war? Georgia vs Russia

Who is responsible for the Osetia war? Who should be treated as a criminal and who should be blamed for everything?

My own vision is not what everyone tells on TV. I was watching both Russian News and European.

Russians sustained that Georgia sent their armed forces over civils, and the only solution was to respond to that. As long as Russia keeps its "peaceful forces" on a territory it has the right to do that. Ok, Russia sustains that Georgian forces were just killing common people from the start, and what Russia was "obliged" to do is just stop the intervention and save the people.

Russian news were saying that there were killed over 2000 citizens by the Georgian forces, and the European news were talking only about 200 killed by accident.

In my opinion Saakashvili did one thing wrong, he made the first noticeable step - introduced the forces. But I remember that Russia was provoking it for about two months for sure. Russia was easily sending airplanes through the territory of Georgia with no permission. There were several unpleasant provoking situations. Which was normal to wait for a response from a country which is actively sustained by USA.

I am not saying that Saakashvili did the right thing. I agree that there died a lot of people which is bad and may be considered as genocide. But I don't want to analyze the whole situation from that point of view as Russians do. They try to take your attention from the global aspect of the problem.

Russia always had imperialistic views on everything, every weak country which is nearby. What Russian did for the last 18 years in both Osetia and Transnistria was violating the sovereignty of Georgia and Moldova. As a proof to that is the thing that Russia was always against the replacement of its peace keeping forces, with the peace keeping forcing offered by UN.

The both wars in these regions in early 90's wouldn't simply take place. The tanks would move to the main town, take the parliament, arrest the criminals and that's it. Normally those that would try to opposite to that would be killed. There wouldn't be so many people killed. Russia was never fighting for saving the lives of common people, or for independence of those territories, because that way they would not need Russia's help anymore. Russia always wanted to keep its influence in those territories by maintaining the armed forces.

So the same thing would happen in Osetia too, if Russia would say "ok guys, this is your territory, and we agree with you, just take it, we are leaving". There would be no war. Georgians would simply arrest the separatist government of Osetia and reestablish the sovereignty of their country.

I say Russia is to blame, if judging from the perspective of all those years, of everything they did, of their politic in general. Russia is the one who started the cold war II.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Best time for a vacation for a President?

Everyone knows - Moldova is in a very difficult, I may say critical situation at the moment. Both biggest rivers of Moldova, from both sides, Nistru and Prut are are overflown by water. This situation was created due to Carpatian rains. Ukraine and Romania are also affected by it.
Hundreds of people were evacuated, and a lot of houses were destroyed.
On national television they keep saying "everything is under control". That is just funny. How can it be under control if they cannot stop the water??? One or two dams were broken through. How can it be under control? Thousands of people don't have a place were to sleep. Everything they gathered for their entire life was destroyed. And I am not really sure that they are going to receive serious compensations.
The Government said they are going to receive new apartments depending on how many members of the family they have. Are you kidding me? You don't have enough brain to build a normal dam and protect your own citizens, and now all you can do is offer them a two room apartment???
Zinaida Grecanii - the prime minister - went out couple of times to see the people herself. She was looking really funny, near those poor destroyed people.
By the way the President didn't even do that. Now he went on a vacation in Croatia. To visit his friend the President of Croatia. They are going to spend a week on a luxiurious yacht.
What can I say ... Bravo!!