Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ecological catastrophe at Nistru river, Soroca, mda

It is actually not a sudden thing that happened now. This situation was formed more years ago, and no one cares. The thing is that the town Soroca, situated at the north-eastern part of Moldova, is dropping out a lot of wastages and sewerage waste. The smell is awful. I stood in Soroca for two days, and had a walk over those dirty places. The thing is that all the citizens from Moldova drink water from Nistru river. But how can people be sure of the water they drink if it so polluted and the public administration doesn't care, because it happens for many years. There is also a factory situated more northerly, in Otaci, which started to top off waste. This provoked a huge growth of algae. I took some pictures of all of those sceneries.
PS at the latest elections for local public administration won the national-liberal party. i hope they will do something with that disgusting situation.

this is a small river which runs into Nistru, The smell is awful, believe me.

this is the view a little further from the place with stinky river. this is were Nistru is very clean.
I was taken the picture on the Moldavain side, but on the other side is Ukraine. The forest that you see is Ukraine.

This is a small beach were people like to stay.

the water is very very clean. the color is amazing. but this is the place were this beauty ends, and the rest of Moldova is using awfully dirty water.

This dirt is near that beauty and no one cares.

this is another stinky river also runs into Nistru

this is how they are repairing the roads

The Huge Algae

the Ukrainians are washing their tractors in Nistru

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