Friday, September 21, 2007

United States Of Moldova

I went to Otaci these days. We had some things to do there. This trip really shocked me a lot, and I found out many scary things about the Republic of Moldova.

Well, Otaci is a lost town, as most of the location from Moldova. The distance from Chisinau is about 250 km, this means we drove 500 km that day :)). The population of Otaci is about 8 000 people. It is a small town, but very beautiful, located on the bank of the river Nistru. On the other bank of the river is situated the Ukrainian city Mogilev - Podolsk. It is bigger than Otaci, much bigger. It is better developed. The difference can be seen by their custom points. The Otaci custom wasn't repaired for many many years. In the market days, when people circulate from one side to another, the custom works really slow, and it takes a lot of time for the people.

But let's get back to the population. Starting from the beginning of this year, 2 000 of people left from Otaci to another places, even out board, for work. These are the official numbers given by the officials from Otaci. Besides this fact, there is another one thing. Officially the half of the population consists of gypsies. But the deputy mayor says that it may be even more, about 70 %. They are very hard in keeping some order. Even though they are not creating problems, but anyway. Their kids go to school, but only for the 4 first years of studying. The are 8 gypsy clans in Otaci. Each having their own occupation and leaders. Most of their relatives work abroad. In Russia, for example. They sell goods in the markets, steal, sell drugs, traffic people and many more. Maybe some of the have legal activities, but these activities are very not popular among gypsies. But anyway, let's get back to Otaci. Talking to the deputy mayor, I found out that there is one of the clans which is reacher than the rest and more influencing. On the latest mayor elections they were preparing the gypsy candidate - the most important baron. But something changed in their plans and they didn't do it. But the deputy mayor says "if they did, we would definitely loose these elections, the baron just said that it is not the time, and that we, the common people are just not ready for this, but someday ...".
But lets imagine that this really happens. I think it will change many principles and views in general. After the winning of gypsies in Otaci, the gypsies from Soroca will desire the same. And will ask for Gypsy Autonomy. This will already be some ethnic issues which the government of Moldova will be obliged to solve, because it is not just territory, it is a different culture.
There will be the United Transnistria rep., Gagauzian Aut. , Gypsy aut. and RM. United States Of Moldova

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