Thursday, September 11, 2008

Compensations for Downwinders

Have you ever heard of downwinders? These are the people that had to suffer the negative effects of radiation from some nuclear testings. This cases are always very difficult and so serious, because it is being violated the right to health of people. They suffer from the illegal nuclear testings which take place near the place they live.
People start to have serious health problems which appear in couple of years. Most often its cancer which is lethal on a certain stage if not treated. That is why there is a huge need of attorneys which can correctly protect the rights a legal interests of these downwinders.
One of such attorneys that is specified in this problem is Laura Taylor, she is a downwinder attorney. She is protecting the downwinders in the realization of their legal right, of obtaining compensations.
According to the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program people that had suffered from radiation, deserve this compensation. So Laura Taylor helps her clients to perform the RECA radiation exposure compensation act and get what they deserve.
It is important to have a serious, good informed attorney in such a difficult question which needs knowledge and good reaction of your attorney, because other wise you may not win if your attorney is not smart enough. Laura Taylor had already won a lot of cases for examples. She is presenting the interests of downwinders all around the country.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Teacher's Strike

Teachers from all the parts of Moldova are having a strike for already 4 days. But noone really talked officially to them yet. The action takes place in front of the Government building. but it seems like noone cares.
The minimum salary of a teacher is something about 60-70$. Which is not normal at all. There are just couple of thousands of those poor teachers and they cannot assure them a normal salary???
The government sustains that the money were spend for the people that suffered from the overflowed Nistru this summer. But this is not really true, according to some political parties, they sustain that the money for the people were obtained from legal persons from donations.
So were is the money for the teachers???

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

REFORMS: Recycling

This will be a new compartment in my blog. I am going to write about the reforms that I would do if I was a legislator or something...)
There are so many thing that need to be changed in this society, but nobody actually does anything.
So my first reform is about waste processing. Last year there appeared special grids for plastic bottles. I thought that was very smart to do. People through their bottles there.
Besides that I think there should be created for special cans for glass. When you want to throw something from glass why not in a special can? It can be easily recycled.
We also don't have any factories for recycling tyres, old equipment, used machine oil. There are no things like that and people just throw them away.
It would be great to spend couple of millions of lei and built one, two factories for recycling.
Because remember that thing "the government always has the money, it just doesn't want to spend it on you"