Monday, April 09, 2007

Medical Assurance in the Republic of Moldova

The law on Obligatory Medical Assurance for the year 2006 was elaborated in 1998, it was the law nr 1585 – Xlll on 27 February 1998. The Government decided the following:

- it will be applied the unique program of medical assurance starting from the 2006.

- The program will be released according to the limits of the prescribed funds.

- The Company of National Medical Assurance will make contracts with the formations which offer such services and activate according to the existing legislation. And together with the local administrative authorities will make the project popular for the population.

- The minister of health and social protection will supervise the releasing of this program for the 2006 year.

The law was approved by the decision of the Government nr 1360 on December 22-nd 2005.

In general, taking seriously, medical assurance is a great thing, because it helps anytime you need it and normally you don’t have to pay extra money, because you pay your insurance monthly. That represents an easy system, which has to be efficient for both parts.

In most of the countries the systems works great, because it had some kind of basis. Because the people are used to respect their obligations.

But, introducing such a program in Moldova is uneasy. First of all because the funds of it were not enough even for the first year of its activation. That is why the following situation happened in Moldova – people were coming to the hospital, holding the polis in their hands and the doctors couldn’t help them, because their financial recourses were ended. They couldn’t give the necessary medicines to the population, just because of the fact that they didn’t have any. People were going to the Drugstores and buying the medicines themselves. It seems like the money they got from the people for the insurances were not enough for the hospitals and doctors. Also another ugly fact is that people in Moldova are used to pay the doctors themselves. Doesn’t matter what he did but it is used that he should receive a remuneration for his work. And 99% of the people were doing that and after receiving the medical insurance, they were still remunerating the doctors. So, what is the reason of a medical insurance if you still have to pay some extra money (officially of nor officially)? Also many people held the opinion that when a doctors sees that you have an insurance (which means that he won’t receive the money directly), than he treats you like an animal. He just makes everything possible to get rid of you, he doesn’t care because he’s not interested anymore. That is why people still pay them directly.

Once with the appearing of the medical insurance, all the medical services became very expensive. That is why staying without insurance is very uncomfortable.

However there are a lot of misunderstandings with this program, it is a positive factor for the country. There is just a need of some specialist who could elaborate a good, efficient system, basing on other’s countries exemple.

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