Monday, June 18, 2007

Congratulations!!! Chisinau got a new mayor

Dorin Chirtoaca won the second tour of elections for the post of mayor. The second tour took place yesterday, the 17-th of June. And the results of the elections were told after midnight.

here they are:
Dorin Chirtoaca, Liberal Party - 61,17 %
Veaceslav Iordan, Communist Party - 38,83 %

this is an amazing result and it represents a very important change in the public administration of Chisinau. Even though there were many spiculations and anti-propaganda against Dorin Chirtoaca (like saying he is a very radical nationalist) people trusthim more than his oponent. It is believed that it was made the first step for the change of the today political regim. And it will deffinetly influence the parliamentary elections in 2009.

Dorin Chirtoaca is only 28 years old, but he's got the neccessary education and represents the prototype of a modern moldavian politic.


Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

28 or 82, a good communist stays a good communist (n'est-ce pas Monsieur Voronin) or becomes one of the worst capitalists.

Please Mister Primar: publish all the apartments you and your family had the day before elections and publish all the once you will have after they 'PUT' you out of office.

Once a "crook" always a "crook".

EUROPE, build a new wall around Moldova, just like Israel with Palestina.

BAD BAD PEOPLE ............ god must have been drinking very very much vodka when he thought about Moldova and Chisinau .

STALIN ....... BRECHNEV ....... where are you?