Monday, October 06, 2008

Law on non-discrimination

This weekend, on the 3rd of October, there took place a protest action in front of the Parliament of Moldova. It was organized by some non governmental religious organizations.

Their main protest is for excluding the words "sexual orientation" from the law on non-discrimination, so that they could continue their discrimination.

When you look at those people, you may think they are crazy. Because they act as if they were not so sane, I may say. They are so aggressive and violent. The main arguments that they provide is that this law will impose their children to go to homosexual seminars at school (!!!), this will affect the traditional families and will be a propaganda of homosexuals, and there will be more and more people with a different sexual orientation.

This is so stupid. These people don't even know what is to be a homosexual, if they sustain the things above.

Just one question for all you homophobic people - can you be transformed from a straight person to a homosexual one by propaganda, if you were born straight??? how can that be possible??))) this is so funny. You have to be really DUMB to affirm that.

They also say that there were no homosexuals before - again stupid!)) There were always homosexuals, always!) You just don't know about it.

I feel sorry for this stupid, retarded people, that want to get involved in someones life, and impose you their own visions. Get a life...

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