Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Democrats - sponsored post

As the situation with the Presidential elections is getting more tensioned each day, both sides are trying to find new mechanisms and methods of obtaining more votes. These days I found a website which was exactly about that. It is about different democratic candidates, such as Promote Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama. Americans have this really powerful tradition to support their candidate till the end. They believe and trust him, and do their best to promote their favorites. On that website, about Promote Hillary Clinton, they offer different useful stuff for their supporters, such things like t-shirts with the pictures of democrats, pens, vote cards, sticky notes, and address labels. Logically all these items contain the emblem of the Democratic Party. The people which support the democrats can by these stuff and use it for promoting their party. This is such a culture to have all this stuff, as it represents a way of expressing your opinion, your political views. This is a way to be free, to fight for your beliefs. That is how you decide the future of your own country and your family. This is how you can stand for your rights, your opinion, protect your ideas and values. In Moldova we don’t really have much of that stuff, and it’s a pity that the political spirit is not so healthy and strong as it is in the United States.

Promote Hillary Clinton

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