Monday, October 06, 2008

Police against the Liberal Party

I have no words to explain my feelings about the police officers in Moldova. Could someone please come and take them out of the country ???? It is impossible to support it anymore.
If you are not a part of the communist party than you are already in trouble.

Anything you want to do will have no result. Even organizing a public action, having all the documents doesn't guarantee you the protection against THE POLICE OFFICERS.

Even being the mayor of Chisinau doesn't change the situation. The police is saying that the mayor gives illegal orders, that he is DISTURBING THE PUBLIC ORDER with his actions :)))) and all he did was the attempt to raise the problem that Russia breaks the sovereignty of Moldova by maintaining its troupes on our territory.

Another interesting thing happened the same day in Balti. There was taking place a peaceful protest action of the liberal party. Couple of young people were standing, and than there came a lot of "young comsomolists" and violently attacked the people from Liberal Party. They were beating them and took all their posters. AND WHAT DID THE POLICE DO THIS TIME??? They just left!

So weren't the comsomolists "disturbing the public order" ?))))) whats wrong with them?? can't they just once make it clear when is it disturbing the public order??>...

But anyway, my opinion is that they should be ashamed of themselves. And one day they will get what they diserve...

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