Friday, November 24, 2006

The decision of the government concerning the development of mobile telecommunication, GSM standard

This decision had been published in the Official Monitory on 20.10.2006.

Yet we have to mobile operators: Moldcell, and Voxtel (the last one, in the nearest future will change its name into Orange). The cost of mobile services nowadays is really expensive for citizens, and also comparing to international taxes, which are much lower. Moldova’s market, for sure, needs more concurrence in this domain.

So the tax for the license of performing mobile services represents 8 million dollars. This will be the third license of that type. And the company which will possess it will be selected through a contest. After this procedure, the selected company will transfer 4 million dollars to the bank account of the Minister of Finances, and the rest 4 will be transferred in the following 2 years.

All the details about this decision on this link http://justice.md/lex/document_rom.php?id=57C6DECA:27FC8D84

There exists a version that this license could be given to Moldtelecom, which represents the main and only telephone operator in Moldova. Besides fixed telephone services, it provides also internet services, and also cheap VOiP. Moldtelecom represents the monopolist company in Moldova and the state protects its activity, doesn’t let other operators to activate in Moldova, like it is in other countries. That's why Moldtelecom likes to raise its taxes anytime they want.

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