Thursday, November 09, 2006

Integrated History texts will be examined by Academy of Sciences commission

A commission formed of 35 doctors of history, academicians, habilitated doctors, correspondent members of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) and scientific researchers will analyze the integrated history textbooks used in schools in Moldova.According to the ASM’s press service, the commission members were designated by the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development as a result of a working meeting between decision makers and at the request of the Institute of History, State and Law of the ASM.
The persons that want to take part in the examination of the texts should apply to the mentioned commission. The experts will present their reports by December 25 after which a commission will forward specialists’ recommendations to the Ministry of Education and Youth.

The integrated history was introduced in the school curriculum, since this year. Before it, there was romanian history instead. Integrated history represents the history of the part of the moldavian province, which is called Basarabia, today's Republic of Moldova. Many historians, teachers and proffessores were very frustrated by the introducing of this integrated history. They consider it an invented one. There are many facts that are changed in it, on a certain purpose. The notion of integrated history is considered to be a political invention, in order to try to represent that Moldova had been historically separated from Romania, which is evidently wrong.

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