Saturday, December 02, 2006

Moldova will restart the exporting of its wine

Moldova will restart the exporting of its wine and other alcoholic products, back in Russia. Over a period of 4 months, the Republic of Moldova was imposed to stop the exporting of wine, because of the interdictions that Russian Federation had established against Moldova production. The main cause was declared as the high concentration of pesticides in Moldavian wine. A lot of deputies, both from Moldova and Russia, considered this act as a political one, because at the same time, Georgia also suffered from the same interdictions.

Besides the Wine Holdings from Moldova, from this situation also suffered other companies, like Carmez “carne, mezeluri”, also all sort of canned food producing companies. So, Moldova’s industry, economy suffered huge losses. Many of them had to end their activity, and thousands of people became unemployed.

And after the last meeting of both presidents, Vladimir Voronin and Vladimir Putin, had settled the restart of exporting of wine, again to Russia. But still many journalists consider this a change of political mood of Russia, and they are not sure weather the pesticides could be taken out of Moldavian wine, which also served as a pretext for interdictions.

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