Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chisinau authorities do whatever they want with the public property

On NIT has just said about the reconstruction of the biggest park in Chisinau. Vasile Ursu, which is the executor of duties of the Chisinau mayor (also the representative of the communist party), has told that on a place of the huge lake, situated in Valea Morilor park, an entertaining complex will be constructed: an aqua park, a parking place, a hotel, different bars, restaurants, and all kind of distractive places. Also the president of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, had added that – it is necessary to allow constructing to all wishing investors in the park, and finally transform it in pleasant vacation spot, (even though it was one of the favourite place of Chisinau citizens, and they really enjoyed its natural state).

This summer, this lake suffered some very strange actions. One morning the people had to become witnesses to an ecological catastrophe. All the fish in the lake had died and emerged. The horror of this scene was increased by the awful smell of the dead fish. There where many versions about this event. But the public authorities, as the main version consider the high temperature which exhausted the fish and caused its death. Even though there was another version, that the fish was murdered purposely, for certain reasons.

After this declaration on TV, about the construction of an entertaining center, the last version seems to be very real. The public authorities hide many facts for sure.

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