Saturday, October 21, 2006

Why Transnistria has no right of being independent.

The Soviet socialist Autonomic Moldavian Republic was formed in 1940, with the initiative of a local group, headed by Kotovsky. So, as you see, this wasn’t the will of the population. No elections, no referendum took place. This was the action of a small group of people, which wanted to promote their own interests, and of course by support of the USSR. In conclusion, Transnistria was taken illegally from Basarabia, without its accordance. Can they now ask for independence, basing on the fact, that they used to be separated illegally? Of course – not! The population of Transnistria was formed by Romanians (Moldavians), and it was violently assimilated with Ukrainians and Russians brought from abroad.

Even nowadays, the considerable part of population of Transnistria consists of Moldavians, more than 40 %. They represent the native population.

No region can ask for independence whether it consists of the same people as the rest of the country. Only an entire nation can ask for independence. Transnistria doesn’t represent that case. These are the same people that live on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Here, we also have Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Turks, Jews, etc. But they represent an ethnic group, same as the Russians and Ukrainians in Transnistria.

The political authority has an illegal existence in Transistria. There were no states that recognized the independence of Transistria in the early 90’s. You can’t be independent if no one recognizes it.

About the referendum that took place in September, 2006, there’s an opinion of the head of the OSCE mission in Moldova:

The OSCE will not recognize this referendum, and we have no intention to support or observe a unilateral action, which calls into question the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova...”. The international observers, often are not let in on the territory of Transnistria, especially at elections. This demonstrates the non-democratic character of the Transnistrian so called “government”, and their political behaviour.

The referendum was against the constitution of the Republic of Moldova. Because it represent a unitary state, not a federation, that’s why no region can ask for independence, especially if the interest of other countries are involved.

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