Saturday, October 28, 2006

Moldova has again an output to the sea!

Moldova has finished the building of the international Giurgiulesti terminal on the Danube River. Now it can accept the sea vessels from anywhere. The president of Moldova declared that this is a very important economical, social and political event, which could lead to new international relations, to the touristy development, and to new working vacancies for our people.

The first sea vessels will arrive by the end of 2006. It has mooring for bulk-oil tankers, 8 tanks for storage of mineral oil by the general capacity of 52 thousand tons. The terminal is equipped by modern system of a storm drain and clearing of residual waters, and also waters with the maintenance of oil, the substation automated by system of fire protection.

Construction Giurgiulesti of the international terminal proceeded 10 years with breaks because of difficulties with financing the project in cost almost 30 million dollars. The Azerbaijan company Danube Logistics SRL known earlier as Azertrans SRL was engaged in realization of the project.

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