Sunday, October 15, 2006

Russia breaks the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova

As it is mentioned in its constitution, the Republic of Moldova is a sovereign, independent state. So this means that it is independent in solving all sorts of problems, including internal and external problems. So economical reforms, for example, administrative or constitutional, whatever it can be, Moldova has the right to resolve them by itself, as well as the international traits. After the disintegration of the USSR, Moldova gained the right to be independent in all its activities. But Russia doesn’t consider so. Not looking at different international agreements, Russia stills keeps it munitions on the territory of Transnistria, which is a territorial part of Moldova. Russian Federation promised many times that it will take the munitions, but yet they didn’t do that. They use to call it “Peacemakers” - which is definitely not the perfect identification of their activity there. Because as the Transistria’s government is located illegal there, the same thing Russian military bases do. They are situated there against the agreement of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and of any other states.

In conclusion: Russia kept its aggressive and dominative character, especially against the states that she used to dominate some time ago.

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